IQ4NEWS supports dementia in South Africa

IQ4News, a geo-targeted and collaborative African news website, is giving back to the community, by supporting a local South African charity, Dementia SA.

Through their Charity of the Month campaigns, IQ4News helps raise awareness of small and medium sized charities and NGOs that are either based in Africa, or target Africans.


“We are thrilled to be launching our Charity of the Month campaigns, with a charity that makes such a big difference to the support, counselling and management of people with dementia, which includes Alzheimer’s disease” said Editor-in-Chief of IQ4News, Dr Yemisi Ogunleye.

“Dementia SA not only supports and counsels family members, carers and people caring for those with dementia, but also provides awareness, information, training and education on the disease”.

“It is a wonderful opportunity for us to educate and inform people to make them aware of dementia as it is still so highly stigmatised. All other medical conditions have to be excluded to ensure that the memory loss is not attributed to a treatable medical condition. Early detection is essential – hence the need for our education, training, updated material and website” says Karen Borochowitz, Executive Director of Dementia SA.

Most small and medium sized charities and NGOs do not always have adequate funds to create the awareness and raise the funds necessary to tackle their cause sufficiently.

Through these monthly campaigns, run by IQ4News, such charities are able to gain the exposure that they desperately need, free of charge.


“We give these charities and NGOs free advertising space, as well as free advertorials and video space for a month completely free of charge”, said Dr. Ogunleye, “hopefully this can contribute to helping them not only raise awareness but also to raise funds towards their cause”.

IQ4News was re-branded and re-launched earlier this year; it is the first African news website to use a hyper-local delivery mechanism to present the news from all over Africa and other parts of the world in a local and personal way.

“The site has been running on a trial basis since 2009. Based on the success of the trial, we re-launched it with a brand new focus that caters for the needs of news seekers that want both a relevant and personal engagement, with news about African countries,” said Dario Faniglione, IQ4News’ Head of Online & Digital Strategy.

IQ4News aims to involve bloggers, journalists, field experts, journalism students and ordinary citizens, in telling their own stories on local African issues. It also aims to give a more organized and credible structure to this style of reporting, so that its audiences can enjoy an informed experience.

All stories contributed to IQ4News are verified for accuracy before going live, and contributors retain the copyright to their work.

“We are always conscious of our responsibilities to the communities we work with. Through our charity of the month campaigns, and our commitment to fairness when working with contributors, we hope we can give back to those communities,” said Dr. Ogunleye

“We are grateful to IQ4News for this incredible offer – funding and issues that affect the elderly and our growing ageing population, are often ignored. It has been reported that a new case of dementia arises every seven seconds in the developed world – it is estimated that by 2040 the number of people with dementia will have risen from 24,3 million who are currently affected to 81,1 million people. Dementia needs action now!” says Borochowitz.

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