Inflating the cost of café, only for Africans clients

Instead of the usual price of 90 cent for a cup of café, a Chinese bar owner is charging 1 euro for her African clients, and she said she was told to do so by her Italian clients.

The incident as was reported this morning by Leggo newspaper actually happened on the Sunday of Easter. An African went to have a cup of café in a Spilimbergo bar in the province of Pordenone, near Venice. The small trouble started when instead of the normal 90 cent the African was told to pay 1 euro for a cup of café. The African, knowing that he was been treated unjustly, first protested and then got very angry. The police and a local news agency were later contacted to register the grievance. 

The 20 years old bar owner, Xia Peipei who has been in Italy for five years said she was not a racist; then she added that it wasn’t her first time in the act.

“Even when I was working in Padova, my boss used to tell me to increase the prices of consumptions for unwanted clients, to discourage them from coming the next time.”

In reaction, the Sindaco of the town, Renzo Francesconi said that it is a shame if the incident truly happened as described.

It’s a shame that 20 years old Chinese who is herself a migrant in Italy decided to exploit other fellow migrants under the guise that some Italians have told her to do so. A shame that some people just go around creating social problems and mounting ethnic tensions even where it’s not necessary.

It’s a shame!

Ewanfoh Obehi Peter

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