ICA conference starts in Rome


The conference of the Infrastructure consortium for Africa (ICA) has started in Rome today.  This is a meeting held as part of the G8 that this year is held by Italy. The main topic of the whole G8 is Africa and the development of the continent.

The conference is attended by the Commissioner for Infrastructure of the AU (African Union) Mrs. Elham Mahmood Ahmed Ibrahim and Vice President of African Development Bank Mr Mandala Gantsho.


As stated on the ICA website: “The inaugural meeting of the Infrastructure Consortium for Africa (ICA) was held in London on 6 October 2005 and included representation from key African institutions and donors.

The Consortium is a major new effort to accelerate progress to meet the urgent infrastructure needs of Africa in support of economic growth and development”.

During the meeting the Italian cooperation will announce a pilot initiative which will devote € 2.5 million through the African Development Bank to facilitate financing of public-private partnerships in infrastructure projects through intervention assessment and mitigation of risk.

















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