ICA 2009

We’ve scanned and saved in PDF all documents released during the fifth annual meeting of the ICA (Infrastructure Consortium for Africa), held in Rome the 10 and 11 of March 2009. Below you can click and download them.

The table below is just for a quick glimpse of infrastructure projects in Africa as published by the Millenium Challenge Corporation. For more details just download the PDF MCC-ICA-2009.

Benin Access to markets construct a new south wharf roads and gates $ 169,447,000
Burkina Faso Roads project rehabilitation and constructions of primary roads $ 159,830,681
Cape Verde Port project construction of new cargo village $ 53,740,000
Ghana Transportation project N1 highway in Accra to port (14km); Trunk roads in Afram Basin $ 138,000,000
Lesotho Water sector Improve access to water $ 164,100,000
Mali Alatona irrigation expand irrigation infrastructure $ 234,608,468
Morocco Artisanal fishing construction and upgrading of support facilities in 13 ports for small scale fishermen and building fish markets $ 112,873,911
Mozambique Water supply and sanitation Improve water and sanitation services to cities, towns and promote capacity building of local institutions $ 203,600,000
Namibia Education Constructions and renovations of development centres and primary and secondary schools $ 110,323,143
Tanzania Transportation Upgrade airport and repaire roads $ 372,800,000

These are all available documents:

The role of the ICA in the African energy landscape, by Alex Rugamba

CEA Community of Eastern Africa

Slides by the Global Economic Crisis, by D. Leipziger

The program of the ICA annual meeting

Some of the investments of Japan in Africa

MCC – Millenium Challenge Corporation

PIDA – Program for infrastructure development in Africa

Slides by Standard&Poor’s, written by R. Ravimohan

UA – slides by the African Union

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