"I want judicial process for Gbagbo" – J. Verges

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But I am in favour of the process. Because we have different things. There is, and you can find it in the press, this news: Ouattara’s supporters were showing off about having an invisible commando, so they claimed, in some boroughs in Abidjan. This means rebels, soldiers dressed as civilians were taking civilians as hostages, as human shields.  At that time there were clashes, with collateral damages, of which I am the first to regret. But all this, is based on an individual level.

While in Duekoué it was all about prisoners, men, women and children killed.  Those were not collateral victims. There were prisoners who have been killed with machete and guns. Then some tried to disguise the facts burning the bodies. This is the UN which recognize this.

As in every civil war, there are deaths on both sides but there are evident differences: from one side there are collateral deaths, in the context of a civil war, on the other side there are killings in cold blood, crimes against humanity.

For example you pose the problem of victims.

First of all, we do not deny that there have been victims but when Mr Ouattara makes his speech, does he condemn massacres made in the West? No. Mr Ouattara does not condemn while the UN and the Red Cross do that.

After all, if today there is this chaotic situation in Abidjan, we need to think where it comes from this situation. It comes from the moment when this armed bands of Ouattara entered the city. Until that moment the city was calm. And if the intention of the armed bands was to take power immediately, the opposition of citizens prevented them and at that time colonial France arrived playing its role of colonial policemen, to destroy.

It came, it said, to protect civilian populations. But destroying the presidential palace of the Republic means protection of the populations?

[France] came to put in power Mr Ouattara instead of Mr Gbagbo. [France] acted as a colonial power which moves and emperor to replace it with another one.

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