Hampate Sahel Blues wins Afro Pepites Show

Winner of the category AFROS PEPITES
Hampate Sahel Blues – Senegal – Fusion Jazz, Blues, Acoustic
Hampate Sahel Blues a sweetness coming from the riverbank of the river and of the local folk music of the St Louis region.


Biography: “Inspired by the cultural crossroads of the town Dagana (st. Louis) with his ethnic mix from Northern Senegal, Hampate was soon attracted by the melodies of nocturnal jaguar (Maur music) coming from the opposite river and from other sounds: Peul, Bambara, Soninke carried through the river and disposed of close to the local folk music”; a glance at the region of St. Louis and particularly the town Dagana approximately 400 km in the North of Senegal.

The former capital Walo, town characterized by cultural diversity, but also by its great ethnic mix, was a very long meeting point for nomads-Saharan. It included among others the ethnic groups Wolof, Peul, the Landes de Berbère Arabic Soninke.

Hampaté confirms that this ethnic mix which rocked his childhood influenced his liking for music. He was very young when he got calmed down by the rhythmic diversity of melodies perfumed by poetry of a region called Sahel.

He started like most of the musicians to sing the oldies which are on the radio, like Youssou N’dour, Baba Maal, Ismaël Lo to mention some of them only. With the development of Hip Hop in Senegal, he created a band with other friends in Dagana in 1998.

2005: After five years at the Conservatory he started to play solo with his guitar in small bars and restaurants in Dakar.

In 2007: He creates his own band called “Hampâté et le SAHEL-BLUES »

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KR504Fzg0H4

All about Hampate Sahel Blues: www.myspace.com/hampate2

2nd of the category AFROS PEPITES

Djantakan – Togo – Hip-Hop

Djantakan presents Djanta Hip, a fusion of African folk music and Rap… Are you ready to jump?

28-Djanta Kan

Biography: Hailed as the best Togolese hip hop band in 2004 and 2005, first band to regularly represent Togo in international festivals, the band DJANTA KAN created in 1996 does not stop developing and surprising.

Known for their talent, their seriousness and the quality of their lyrics, the 4 members (today 3) created their own style: Djanta Hip, fusion of African folk music and rap.

A style which, while denouncing the bad of our societies, reunites several generations thanks to music. By DJANTA KAN please understand as well other artists, singers, painters, plastic artists, computer engineers, writers whose lyrics are well determined to share their message thanks to hip hop culture during any events.

DJANTA KAN, 3 lions fully aware and committed, have set themselves the aim to represent African hip hop, their Togolese culture, their positive spirit and their will to take action outside of the borders of the Continent.

All about DJANTAKAN: www.myspace.com/djantakan

3rd of the category AFROS PEPITES

DUMBA KULTUR – Burkina Faso – Blues fusion Afro-beat

Dumba KULTUR melodies remain, a broken and attractive voice… The prince and the hunter to seduce you…


Biography: In other times Alkabore Tega Wende would not have had the right to sing, his status of Burkina prince being exclusive – according to the tradition, from such a « trivial » activity.

However his mother was already singing during the ceremonies of baptism and it is known that music calms down the Ritual. As regards Sini Moulaye, belonging to the Ivory caste of Dosso it destined him for becoming a hunter, expert in medicine with plants and story teller attracted by the “palabres” (endless talk) tree.

But he met the djembé, and he started to dance when he was young, as young as the lion cub. The former shows the smile of a marvelled child, lashing like a slam and wearing dreadlocks as bushes, which are the evidence of a happy allegiance to reggae.

The latter is slim like a tree going up to the sly, his broken voice provokes vibrations.

Those two recognized each other immediately: the prince and the hunter discovered the pleasure to play together, they were joined by musicians who knew – like them – how to be all ear, and they created DUMBA KULTUR.

“Dumba”, that is to say the great depth in Malinké language. Great depth of the African roots, sang by the rhythms Mossi, by the strings of N’goni and of Kora, by subtle resonance of calebash and djembé.

Two first albums – Le Trône (1999) and Voyage(2004) – made the band well known in Burkina scene. This one being now issued is the result full of vitamins, of many meetings.

Prepared in the studios of Ouagadougou and then recorded in the studios Bogolan in Bamako, under the supervision of the director Jean Lamoot and with the participation of the musicians of Salif Keita, the current album sets the seal on the alliance of anger coming from unfairness and inherent vitality of Southern Sahel. Making such a fusion brings closer to God: Sabab, in bambara

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mPnft39AgU

All about Dumba KULTUR: www.myspace.com/dumbakultur

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