Ghana: call for missing girl

We copy and paste here the text of a call for a missing little girl in Ghana. The message was sent to the members of the “Future of Africa” group on Facebook.

“We need your help to find missing 7 year old Ghanian Girl!

Hi All,
I am really sorry if this seems like spamming. As you know we never do that. However some of you messaged me to ask for a description of the little girl we are searching for.

Here’s one:

  1. Mercy is black in complexion
  2. She has a short black hair (Her hair is cut short)
  3. She is 3′ 6″ (3 feet, 6 inches)
  4. She was last seen on 5th August 2009 wearing a white top and red pants down at High Tension, Saki, Kpone Barrier
  5. She speaks Twi fluently

This is the message of the Afri-Can Connection organisation.

7 year old Mercy is missing from the community around Manye Academy. Mercy joined an end of school parade around the community and at the end of the parade was instructed to go home (she is not a Manye Academy student).

While children wander freely in Ghana, Mercy has mental disabilities and easily could have gotten lost. She did not make it home that day. We were only just made aware of the fact that a child was missing yesterday and have arranged for our two project coordinators to head to Manye Academy (they were in the North doing nutritional research) and are organizing a team (with maps, funding for advertisements, a reward, transportation fund etc) to form a search party in the area.

Radio ads have been taken out and fliers posted but there have been no active searches organized because we have a lack of volunteers. While it has been a long time and there is always the horrible possibility that something truly awful has befallen this little girl; there is also a good possibility that she is still alive.

We have received short term loans and some donations from generous friends, family and supporters and Gideon has begun to formulate a plan and contact people to be part of the search party. These funds are appreciated and incredibly important to help us locate Mercy! So thank you to everyone who is helping us accomplish our task.

Michael has created search maps from Google images and will be calculating the amount of people and the length of time required to search each section of the map. I will continue to network, find funding and send information to Gideon and Gausu about interested volunteers.

We thank everyone for their support and ask that if you know anyone in Accra or Tema who may be willing to help, please have them email me their phone numbers so Gideon or Gausu will be able to contact them.

Donations or short term loans to pay for search expenses are appreciated. If you would like to arrange a financial contribution (as a donation or as a repayable loan) please contact me.

More so if you are are in or around Tema/Accra and you would like to volunteer to search for Mercy please call 011 233 244 951 828 and ask for Gideon. He will be able to give you better directions. (We  offer a small stipend to volunteers who require it.)

We will also appreciate if you could help us spread the word about this missing girl by copying this message to a note and sharing it with your friends.

001-519-741-0098 Corrine or Michael
www.the-afri-can-connection. com (information regarding the search will be on the website shortly)

Thank you, once again!

Corrine, Michael, Delali, Gideon, Gausu, Mr. Nartey and Mercy’s family appreciate your support!

Did you find this information helpful? If you did, consider donating.

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