Ghana Awaits Obama In High Hope

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He is like a rare angel the world hasn’t seen for a long time. His electoral victory ignited the poorest continent in the world. Many even claimed they have seen their messiah although he is far away in the White house.

But with the global economic meltdown, his inherited two wars and the long line between terrorism and global reduction in nuclear weapons to other domestic matters, the historic president seemed to have forgotten the always forgettable part of the world.

Ghana flagHe has however decided finally, to visit the continent, and Ghana, the formal gold coast of West Africa was chosen to be the first host on the 10th of next month.

As for the feelings of some individuals, why Ghana is to be visited first instead of Kenya, as many have predicted, being his father’s home country, Washington knows it better.

Saying that Ghana is ready to receive Obama is an understatement. The big feast is an event to be remembered for a long time and it has already started to spark out fire as people prepare for him across the country. Many have already promised to forsake their works, so they can wave hands for the world most guarded president. Even those outside the country are not going to miss anything in the event. Thanks to satellite televisions and internet connections.

Kwame Fraha, Ghananian in Verona (north Italy)Kwame Fraha is a Ghanaian resident in Verona, Northern Italy. In a short interview this morning, he shared his joy and expectation about the visit of American president to his home country, Ghana.

Why do you think Ghana was chosen by Obama to be visited first in Africa?

“Well, I think first of all, it is because of the stable politics in Ghana. Of all the neighboring countries, Ghana is the only country without serious political disorder. It’s therefore an encouragement for our sustained democratic process. Secondly, since the president is not coming alone, another reason for coming to Ghana might be for business purpose.”

What are really the expectations of Ghanaians from the visit?

“The expectations are quite high, especially in the area of our economy. Often time, promises are made when Western heads of States visit Ghana and some of these promises are never met. We hope that president Obama will make good promises and fulfill them in the long run.”

Despite the good democratic system in Ghana, many Ghanaians still suffer from poverty to human rights problems. What effect do you think Obama’s visit will have on these areas?

“It depends mainly on the Ghanaian government and the people. The government must shun any form of corruption in the system and truly empower the people to live better lives. The new president, John Atta should emulate Obama like he said he would during the election, so that the country can improve. With the discovering of oil in Ghana, we surely have good prospects and hope that the proceeds would be properly used to the benefit of all Ghanaians.”

Utilizing a country’s natural resources to better the lives of its citizens is one thing that has hardly been a reality in the African continent. From Sudan to Sierra Leone, Congo to the giant oil producer in Africa, Nigeria; the people can only hope for a day their natural resources will be used to improve their lives.


Ewanfoh Obehi Peter

Obama in Ghana

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