Gas pipeline from Algeria to Spain switched on

The Mayor of Almería, Luis Rogelio Rodríguez Comendador, and government sub-delegate in Almeria, Andres Heras, yesterday (5 March 2011) opened the valve Medgaz connection with the Spanish gas system in a symbolic act that is part of the test sequence.

For the company is a major milestone that marks the start of imports of Algerian gas to Spain via the Medgaz. This new step has been developed by the Receiving Terminal, located in Playa del Perdigal, in the presence of the Head of Industry and Energy for the office in Almería, Luis Díaz de Quijano, and the director general of Medgaz, Juan Antonio Vera.

Last phase of testing

The company is in the final phase of the test gas. After verification of all units in terminal Compression Beni Saf, on March 1 valve was opened offshore Algeria, to begin filling the gas pipeline, and begin testing with gas receiving terminal Almeria. The said event was attended by the CEO of Sonatrach, Noureddine Cherouati, and the president of Medgaz, Peter Miro, Algerian authorities and partners of the company.

The test sequence for commissioning of the pipeline comprises a phase of commissioning and start another. During the commissioning phase systems have been verified, while the boot is gradually introducing gas.

Currently, natural gas continues to circulate in evidence throughout the pipeline, and yesterday was connected to the Spanish gas system, through the pipe Enagás, to continue the process with increasing volumes up to the total system capacity in a stable and reliable. Medgaz expected that the pipeline is technically ready to operate within weeks.

Medgaz is the company responsible for building the Algeria-Europe via Spain. With an initial capacity of eight billion cubic meters a year, about natural gas from Beni Saf, on the Algerian coast to Almería.


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