"Gaddafi must go" – Obama-Sarkozy speech at G8

G8 de Deauville : N.Sarkozy et B.Obama di elysee

In this video, the presidents of France and of the Usa have said that Libyan dictator, col. gaddafi, must go.

They also addressed many issues such as the changes in North Africa which, they said, push for a solution of the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

“We agreed to coordinate closely and encourage the parties to sit down around the negotiating table to resolve this issue, in a way that creates a Palestinian state that is sovereign and an Israeli state that is secure, the two states living side by side in peace”, Mr Obama said.

“We agreed that we have made progress on the Libya campaign but that meeting the UN mandate of civilian protection cannot be accomplished when Gaddafi remains in Libya directing his forces in acts of aggression against the Libyan people”, Mr Obama added.

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