“Gaddafi is like the police officer of Maroni” – Touadi

We report here the interview to Jean-Leonard Touadi, first Italian MP to be born in Africa. The interview was done the 13 of May 2009.

Jean-Leonard Touadi is very worried today.
Africanews.it called him in a moment of rest from parliamentary works just a little before the approval of the so-called “DDL sicurezza” (i.e. security act) which will turn the living conditions of migrants in Italy for the worst.
Touadi is the first member of the Italian lower chamber to be born in Africa.

What do you think will happen?
Nothing. Vote of confidence. We have already voted two then there is the third this afternoon and then just, over, games are made. No amendments, no final speech. Tomorrow morning at the end of the declaration to vote and final vote. That’s it.

Are there any news about the Democratic Party positions on this?
There are many. Minniti, for example, has made a beautiful speech. Very hard, very clear. International law and the rights of people come before any other interpretation.
We have presented the plea of unconstitutionality because some of those rules are patently unconstitutional, and of course by force of numbers they rejected it. So the matter is closed. You know in the game of politics when the government asks for the vote of confidence, every game is over. There is no more space. Because if they left the door open for amendments, we would have submitted many of them and then playing with the secret vote on certain amendments we would somehow have a partial victory, but now all this is impossible.

What will change for immigrants and asylum seekers?
Well I think everything will change after this. Nowadays not only people arriving in Italy are considered criminals but also the people who live here since ages. In fact foreigners who live and work in Italy since 10,15, 20 years could find themselves in an irregular position because they lost their job, because they cannot renew their permit.
You may not subscribe to town hall services, you cannot marry and if you have children you can’t subscribe to the services of a town hall. Moreover the immigrant is subject to a visit of the Carabinieri who must verify the health conditions of the house where children live, so you can imagine what can happen.

I fully agree with what Franceschini said today. We are back, 70 years later, to the racial laws. We are introducing a separate legislation: one for Italians, one for foreigners.
The ownership of rights to foreigners has also been deleted. In Italy there will be residents who come from foreign countries with no rights.

I believe that we must not give up. What remains of the Italian democratic culture should rise up and resist. It should resist by communicating in a certain way. Berlusconi has won deep into the culture of the country. This is evident because in front of this attack to democracy, human rights and to the Constitution, there is no popular revolt. Everything is silent.

What hopes for the future?

I have just the one. I am sure that at the first screening of constitutionality, a judge, a lawyer will call the Constitutional Court and it reject these standards.

There is no other defense but the Constitution?
Yes, beside the resistance in the country. The rights of people are not negotiable.

All this is to happen a few days, May 25, the World Day of Africa.
Yes I think it will be a great hypocrisy if people will celebrate this year Africa Day ignoring the drama taking place between the two shores of the Mediterranean.
They are also outraged by the total silence, lack of reaction of the embassies in Africa, the African Union, the African states. Those people are from our continent. I have not seen a single statement. And who is working on this despicable measure of return is the president of the African Union. He elected himself to be the police officer of Maroni (Italian home secretary).

When people speak about African huge resources, everything seems fine with everybody. Isn’t it? Everybody seems to change tone when speaking of possible economic developments.

The drama taking place between the two sides is too strong, ethically unacceptable and morally outrageous. I am disgusted by the silence of the African Union, of African ambassadors in Italy. There is no one to say something something.

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