Frattini starts visiting Africa


Italian foreign minister, Franco Frattini, has arrived today in Africa. 

Until the 13th of February he will visit Angola, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Senegal.

“Italy – as written in a press release by the Italian foreign minister – thinks that Africa is an important actor for the solution of global and regional problems. In this regard the visit of minister Frattini aims to discuss the ideas of the African countries about global and regional themes, with consideration for the role of outreach that Italy will play during the next G8 meeting in the La Maddalena island“.

These are the “indicators” that make the Italian Foreign ministry to think that Africa is “a potential stability producer”:

  • the institutional building in due course in some countries;
  • the latest economic growth;
  • the regional integration process founded on ownership principles;
  • the definition of a strategy for the economic development of the Continent and the partnership with the developed world (NEPAD: New Partnership for African Development );
  • South-South security

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