"Football fables" – a film about African football

“Football Fables” is a movie about African football and the migration process that takes talented teenager to big European football clubs.The film was awarded last December in Palermo, Italy, during the Sport film festival.

Here below you will find: a film trailer, a interview to director Baff Akoto on BBC radio, and images of the award in Palermo.

“African football has a higher profile and more global stars than at any other time in history. But what does it takes to make the transition from a rural African field to a top European football club? If he’s good enough, how does a young African come to the attention of Real Madrid or Manchester United?” – as written on footballfables.co.uk.

Football Fables, is a unique documentary – providing unprecedented insight into the inner workings of African football migration. This film unfolds through the eyes of Francis, a talented teenager on the brink of a dream transfer, His talent is undoubted, his desire immeasurable, but will that be enough to secure his future?

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