Festivaletteratura: "Africa in schools"

The second event dedicated to African literature in the Mantua event in Italy has just finished.

Even though there were fewer people in the hall than this morning for the event “Africans in Europe/Africans of Europe”, there has been a big participation from the public with lots of interesting questions.

“Africa in the schools” is the title of this second meeting. The intent was to stress the problem of the lack of education about African literature even though schools are also attended by many sons of African migrants.

“Can a school – a presentation booklet reads – with migrant’s children from Africa ignore the existance of African literature and of its Nobel prizes? The experiences of Libraries in Rome, the work of “Författarcentrum” in Sweden and the new project for schools by WikiAfrica Literature.

The panel included: Cristina Ali Farah, Giorgio De Marchis, Gunilla Lundgren  Gabriella Sanna e Livia Apa introducing and coordinating the meeting.

Later more photos and videos on www.africanews.it

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