Festivaletteratura: 3 videos shows Asinitas’s work

The third meeting ended last Sunday 13 September made by Lettera27 foundation, WikiAfrica and the school for refugees Asinitas, has been one of the most ‘political’ events among the three dedicated to Africa in the Literature Festival in Mantua (Italy).

Speakers said clearly what are their organisations’ aims and ideas, strengthen by the Italian Constitution, in favour of migrants and refugees. Moreover, the importance of the work with the media has been stressed to counterbalance the lack of information about immigration issues in Italy.

Three video have been projected about the activities of the school Asinitas and, later on, the debate has been open with good questions from the public.

“Don’t take as a simple criticism but as a question with a constructive criticism in it. Why, at the table, there are just Italians apart from Dag?”

Alessandro Triulzi, coordinator of the three events made by Lettera27 foundation at Festivaletteratura, said: “To make this table attended equally [by Italians and migrants] we need a lot of time and we need to create the conditions in which all this is made possible. For sure this is something that we want, that for the next time this table would be attended equally  or even with a majority of different faces than ours”.

During the meeting, three videos have been projected detailing all the work made by the school for refugees and asylum seekers Asinitas. This is a work carried out with the help of Lettera27, Tavola Valdese and Foundation Charlemagne.

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