Ethiopia: People affected by conflict in Anfilo, Oromia region receive assistance

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
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The ongoing fighting in Anfilo woreda, Oromia region, Ethiopia has left thousands of families displaced, without means of livelihood and unable to meet their basic needs.

“My husband was killed in the conflict. This pushed me to daily labor, sometimes begging [in order] to meet my needs” says a widow in Anfilo, Kellem Wellega zone of Oromia region.

Armed clashes between the government security forces and the non-state armed group active in the region has resulted in the suspension of public services, impacted access to healthcare and clean water supply, and disrupted the availability of seeds and fertilizers. People fleeing from the fighting and seeking opportunities to support their families have been repeatedly displaced as a result.

As part of our ongoing multi-disciplinary humanitarian response to the situation in Anfilo woreda and surrounding areas, in March 2024, the ICRC provided 3,000 families in Koli, Dale Koli, Mugi and Yeti rural kebeles of Anfilo woreda with food and essential household items. “I used to be a very strong farmer. I lost my land due to the conflict. I am relieved and feel like my strength has returned now that I bring this support back home” said a resident in Dalo Koli, Anfilo.

A wave of hope has swept over the four areas which have benefited from the assistance, as ICRC is the first humanitarian organization that has succeeded in reaching them amidst the ongoing insecurity. “I had lost all hope to live. Every day I worry how can I protect and feed my small child. Today, I am happy” says a mother in Dale Koli. Each family was provided with food aid comprising wheat, oil, salt, and lentils.

As ICRC's Field Delegate, Arpita Mitra explains, “Our good dialogue with both sides allows us to access these hard-to-reach areas and engage with communities prior to such large-scale distributions of assistance. We are onsite throughout the distribution and follow up closely to ensure that our assistance reaches the most vulnerable people, in line with our principles of impartiality and independence.”

As a neutral and impartial organization, the ICRC in Ethiopia continues to assist the most vulnerable families while maintaining a strong dialogue with parties to the conflict on respect for International Humanitarian Law and protection of the civilian population.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Source: Apo-Opa

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