Eritrea: Discovery of Ceramics Indicating Ancient Historical Stages

Ministry of Information, Eritrea
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During the excavation program at the Adulis archaeological site, ceramics indicating historical stages between 1500 to 500 BC have been unearthed.

Archaeologists at the site emphasized the significance of this discovery in bridging previous historical periods spanning from the 1st to the 7th decades with this new finding.

Dr. Tsegay Medin, coordinator of the project, highlighted the various ceramic artifacts unearthed since the inception of the Adulis Archaeological project, spanning different historical epochs. He stressed the importance of this new discovery in terms of its content and antiquity, foreseeing its potential to significantly enrich the history of the country and the region with thorough research and study.

Prof. Serena Massa, an Italian archaeologist and project member, underscored Adulis as the sole ancient town in Sub-Saharan Africa constructed with stones, thus holding substantial international historical significance. She further suggested that the ancient manuscripts and monuments could serve as crucial links between the Adulis civilization and that of Punt Land, potentially catalyzing a new phase of excavation.

Archaeologist Dr. Abraham Zere added that this discovery will contribute to a deeper understanding of ancient civilizations in the Horn of Africa and the Southern Red Sea region.

The Adulis project commenced in 2011 through collaboration between Eritrean and Italian experts, facilitating the exchange of experiences and expertise.

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