DRCongo: UDPS demonstrators claim transperancy

DR Congo-KINSHASA: UDPS demonstrators claim transperancy to the Electoral commission for the november presidential elections

On September 29th 2011 in Kinshasa, DR Congo, UDPS went again on the street for demonstration with the aim of claiming transparency during the November presidential elections. UDPS, a political party of opposition led by Etienne Tchisekedi, is suspecting the present government of DR Congo to prepare cheating in the november 2011 elections.

Militants of ‘’Union pour la Democratie et le Progrès Social’’ UDPS, went on street at 09:00 Kinshasa time, the depature points was the headquarter of this political party located at 10th Rue in Limete-Kinshasa. The police also were waiting for the demonstrators on Boulevard Lumumba to scarter the demonstrators of this opposition party.

Colonel Eddy Mukuna, the battallion comander of “Groupe Mobile d’Intervention” (GMI), one of the police division, declared that his troup used gas to spread the demonstrators.

According to some militants who were on demonstration, they declared that more demonstrators have been so much affected by the gaz such as the General Secretary of UDPS, Jacquemin Shabani, and Diomi Ndongale one of the key members of this opposition party, both were so much affected by the thrown gas done by the police.

Colonel Eddy Mukuna declared that the police have arrested 4 militants of UDPS. On the other side UDPS, while it confirms that, it adds that there are more than 10 arrestrations of their millitants on that same day.

Futhermore, some of the UDPS demonstrators tried to avoid the confrontation with the police on the entry of the 10th street of Limete and continue with their demonstration on the 7th street, with a purpose to arrive at the Independent National Electoral Commission(CENI) to give their claim for transperancy during the elections. By bad chance they came across PPRD militants, the actual rulling party, who were also planning their demonstration the same day against UDPS on the same street.

PPRD youth blaim UDPS militants for bringing disorder by organising repeated demonstration, PPRD militants think that UDPS is afraid to confront elections that is why they are bringing this disorder by organising demonstrations, so that the elections could not happen.

More defenders of the human right in the DR Congo are inviting international obsevers to be sent in the DR Congo, so that they can testify internationally how elections will happen.

The electoral commission does not understand why militant of UDPS and some other opposition parties do not want to trust them. For that reason the electoral commission is asking all the political parties to prepare their obsevers who will be ready to make a follow up in all offices located in all the corners of the DR Congo.


Rostand M, DR Congo

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