DR Congo: march in Bruxelles


A march for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been held yesterday in Bruxelles, the capital of Belgium. The protesters were demanding a 2000 soldiers missions of the European army to be sent in the DRC to stop the killings of innocent civilians.

Protesters were also accusing the President of the DRC, Joseph Kabila, for allowing Rwanda’s troops into the Eastern part of the country without consultation of the parliament, nor of the judiciary power, as learned by Africanews.it through an invitation sent to international press organisations.

The event has been organised by the Congolese community of Belgium.

The march, is written in a press release, will “expose the farce of Congolese President, Mr. Joseph Kabila, of preparing for the annexation of the “East” of the Democratic Republic of Congo (the province of North Kivu and South Kivu) in the Republic of Rwanda”.


Protesters argued that Rwandan troops entering DR Congo to stop the violences was just a pretext “to pick up and kill Rwandan Hutu refugees from exile in 1994 under the protection of the United Nations”.

The organisers also stated that President Kabila did not mention when the Rwandan troops will leave the country.

As stated in the same press invitation sent by email, protesters were asking:

  1. The resignation of Joseph Kabila for high treason in violation of article 74 of the Constitution
  2. His arrest and judiciary procedure in front of the International criminal court (ICC) for crimes against humanity for allowing Kagame killing Hutus in Congolese territory
  3. Criminal extradition to the ICC for Nkunda
  4. The denunciation of the ‘balcanisation‘ of Eastern DR Congo to the benefit of Rwanda
  5. The immediate withdrawal from Congolese territory of the Rwandan army

As reported by , a participant said about the envoy of a 2000 soldiers EU mission: “I do not understand why authorities don’t listen up to this point when what all those people are asking is a 2000 soldier mission. This number is more than enough to restore order in Goma. We are very disappointed by the attitude of many European governments that are so indifferent about this issue that is clearly a humanitarian emergency”.

“Do nothing while it was possibile to understand the magnitude of the disaster is simply outrageous,” said Annika Van Woudenberg of Human Rights Watch.

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