Convergence of Cultures – 8 May in Milan, Italy

Convergence of Cultures” is a project that aims to share the best elements of each culture and rejects those elements that promote divisions and misunderstandings among them.

With this project we develop ideas, beliefs and humanist attitudes of every culture, that, beyond any difference, are located in the heart of the various peoples and individuals.

We would like to meet people from different cultures available to organize activities and joint projects, according to a methodology not violent of work, based on the principles of self-organization, self-funding and reciprocity.

During the meeting, will be offered a snack: you can participate it by self-bringing a tipical plate of your culture.

The Foppette Desk invites to a presentation of “Convergence of Cultures”
Saturday, 8th may  2010 from 4 PM in Foppette street, 4, Milan
(Tram 14, Bus 90/91 stop in piazza Napoli)

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