Centrotec to enter African solar market

On February 1st, 2011 Centrotec Sustainable AG (Brilon, Germany) announced that during January 2011 subsidiary Ubbink B.V. (Doesburg, Netherlands) acquired a 60% share of Solar23 GmbH (Memmingen, Germany). Solar23 focuses on development of African solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal projects including off-grid solar solutions.

“The interest in Solar23 gives Centrotec an early foothold on the African continent,” remarked Centrotec CEO Gert-Jan Huisman. “Africa, too, will witness the emergence of a growth market for energy saving and renewable energy over the next few years; we aim to address that demand with innovative energy-saving solutions, while at the same time taking serious social responsibility to preserve the earth’s resources and promote sustainable development.”

Solar23’s core skills include off-grid solar, solar power plants

Solar23 will be incorporated into the Ubbink Group, and will retain its management. Ubbink notes that Solar23’s core skills are both in the area of solar systems which are not connected to the power grid, including solar home systems, solar lighting systems, PV deep-well pumps for drinking water supply, power supplies for telecommunications systems, and solar power plants.

Ubbink states that on this basis, Solar23 provides an excellent springboard from which to access growing renewable energy markets in Africa. Ubbink also notes that Solar23 has expertise in solar thermal systems, which it says will enable the expansion of the existing network with products from other Centrotec companies.

Ubbink also states that it will leverage the synergies of Solar23’s East African PV module production facility, which commenced operations in December 2010.

Source: solarserver.com

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