Unido agriculture forum – Speeches and questions

This is a video combining speeches and questions from the public during the last forum on agriculture in subsaharan African countries.

Forum on agriculture in Africa: Unido documents

Here you can download some documents about Unido and its latest forum about agriculture in subsaharan Africa held in Rome last Tuesday 28 June 2011.

Forum on agriculture by Unido – photos

This is the Flickr photos slideshow of the Forum on agriculture and investments in subsaharan Africa held by Unido in Rome last Tuesday 28 June 2011.

Ndioba Diene, ministry of agriculture of Senegal

Interview with Ndioba Diene, techincal counsellor of the ministry of agriculture of Senegal. The interview was done right after the forum on agriculture in Africa held in Rome by UN agency, Unido, last Tuesday 28 June 2011.

Interview with D. Ndombele, min.agriculture Angola

Interview with Dielobaka Ndombele, director of the Ministry of agriculture, rural development and fisheries of Angola. This is interview was done minutes after the agriculture in Africa forum held by UN agency for industrial development, Unido in Rome last 28 June 2011. What follow is the interview on YouTube and in text.