Algeria: Medelci meets Italian colleague Frattini


Algerian foreign minister Medelci has just met Italian colleague Frattini in Rome. This is for preparing the second Algeria-Italy summit to be hosted in Algiers before the end of December this year.

Both foreign minister stressed their common view on the steps Italy and Algeria will have to take for the improvement of their relationship.

“This partnership with Italy – Mr Medelci said to – will improve trade and industrial possibilities for Algerian companies and businessmen. Italy may also help in the future with its ‘Protezione civile’ when our forests burn, just like it happens in the peninsula. This is all about a new model of partnership”.


Mr Frattini also stressed the importance of cultural cooperation between the two countries. Steps will be taken to further improve the restauration process of buildings of Roman empire age and for learning the Italian language.

Other areas of partnership will be trade, energy and industry. Another important goal, stressed by both foreign ministers, will be to build stronger economic relations.

As stated on, the oil Algeria gives to Italy accounts for 40% of the Italian energy supply, while almost 99% of Algerian oil related products are exported to Italy.


2008-10-14 – Medelci (Algeria) incontra Frattini (Italia)

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