AIDS: Gianni Letta visit Sant'Egidio community

Below a rough translation from the Italian about the visit of undersecretary of Italian government, Gianni Letta, visiting the center of the Sant’Egidio community for programs in Africa.

(AGI) – Rome, Sept. 22 – Undersecretary Gianni Letta to the Presidency of the Council and it ‘today visited the Dream Center in the Community’ of Sant’Egidio in Rome at the Ospedale San Gallicano. Dream (an acronym for Drug Resource Enhancement against Aids and Malnutrition) and ‘a program on a holistic approach to AIDS in Africa launched in February 2002 by the Community’ of Sant’Egidio in Mozambique this and 9 other African countries (Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya , Republic of Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Nigeria, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo and Cameroon). Currently Dream has treated 80,000 patients and up to now about 1 million Africans have benefited from de3l program.

Read and ‘was welcomed by the founder of the Community’ Andrea Riccardi and the Dream team, focusing in particular – as a release of Sant’Egidio -”the appearance of telemedicine, ie ‘the satellite connection and data transmission centers in Dream Africa to a single database to monitor the progress of the disease in several patients, the efficacy of medications in real time and get health care from Italian second medical opinion for complex clinical pictures.” The Secretary has personally questioned the ‘brainy’ center, getting real-time responses on visits, medications and health of patients in various African countries. ”I am always fascinated by technology but when ‘applied to health’, this is an extraordinary achievement”he said.

Gianni Letta, and we ‘hit show from the integration of Italian and African health workers – hundreds of thousands of doctors and nurses trained by Sant’Egidio in Africa and Italy. ”This is’ the true path to development. Cosi ‘Rome is becoming the world capital of health.”

In meeting the many partners beds has’ congratulated for their commitment and success of Sant’Egidio in the treatment of AIDS in Africa:”In this place you can feel the fervor of a job that takes some time and it goes deep ‘- he said – This is an example of excellence in the Italian presence in the world.”

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