Agamawe: excellent day the 14 of June

Agamawe is an event organised by the Afriaca association of Africans in Italy. Based in Milan, this association managed the event of the 14 June 2009. The event was made of an international football tournament with 6 football teams facing eachother.

It surely was one of the rare moment to foster better social and interracial relationships.

The six teams were: Togo, Cameroon, Benin, Italy, Afghanistan and Senegal.

Beside the matches, visitors had the opportunity to taste some African food and listen all throughout the day excellent West African music.

Next Saturday 20 June in Milan, the same association Afriaca organised sessions and a disco clubs night with COUPE DECALE with artists arriving from Paris (France).

Danza moderna africana – Stage di danza – Afriaca

Danza moderna africana – Stage di danza – Afriaca

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