"Afro-pessimism is to be rejected" – V. Scotti

Africa is not just wars, famine and diseases but also opportunities, resources and development. This is what I saw during my visit in February in four African states: Angola, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Senegal”, Vincenzo Scotti, secretary of State, said today during the conference held in Rome about “Climate Change and Human Mobility in Africa“.

Nobel prize winner in 2007, Richard Samson Odingo, also took part beside many African experts.

Mr Scotti explained the importance of the steps that have led to the agenda for this year G8 meeting that will take place in July in Italy, in La Maddalena island.

After stressing the importance of climate change on the international agenda, Scotti added: “President Berlusconi and President Obama agreed on the opportunity to hold during the meeting in La Maddalena the first Major Economies Forum (MEF), made by 17 countries and dedicated to climate and energy”.

The climate changes theme is important also because of its consequences, Scotti said. Among these, there is immigration which doesn’t concern just Italy and Europe but also Africa as there are many migrations inside the Continent, for example between southern Africa and northern Africa. “This makes instability even worse”, Scotti adds, “causing wars and disorders for the management of key resources like water”.

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