"Africa's plan" for "shared development"


A plan to develop business relations with the Continent.

It’s called the Africa Plan of the Italian ministry of Economic Development which will be inaugurated on 26 and 27 February with a visit of Undersecretary Adolfo Urso in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Angola.

The plan, which will be coordinated in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “aims to operate according to a logic of ‘shared development’ which means to create or innovate the infrastructure necessary to interchange the natural resources, cultural, business, technological and energy of the targeted countries”, as stated in a press release by the Ministry.

The plan also considers a permanent system of cooperation with the African continent. It is also very important the role that Italian regions will play because they will sign specific partnerships with African countries.

“The effort to follow the big emerging countries like China, India and Brazil has in recent years led us to neglect some promising areas for our strategic needs for raw materials such as the African continent, especially Sub-Saharan Africa”. This is why, he added,”from now on we will focus on a plan that will allow us to seize new opportunities and to diversify the penetration of our businesses in the African market“, undersecretary Adolfo Urso said.

Urso also added that the plan “is intended to be the application of a new concept of development and investment in countries selected on the basis of their needs for infrastructure and technology and their availability of natural resources“. Like gold, platinum, diamonds, uranium, manganese, chromium, nickel, bauxite and cobalt, of which “Africa is the first manufacturer in the world. Moreover, the growth rate of GDP in recent years has averaged 5.5%.”


by Silvia Cravotta

Photo by: l’etrusco

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