African views on Obama's election

We copy and paste a comment related to our time and president Obama‘s election. It is a few lines blog post that inspired us. It is available at, by the title “looking beyond our borders”.

We can no longer afford indifference outside our borders.

The words of President Obama rocked the nation today. We have found ourselves at the point where our “collective failure” to make conscious decisions have led us to the current climate in our country. Not only has our economy collapsed, but the social system can no longer support the citizens of the most powerful and
technologically advanced nation.

If there’s one thing today’s age of globalization has taught me is that we are all connected in our humanity.  Internet and social media platforms have allowed for global unity and despair. When the planes attacked the World Trade Center on 9/11, the world wept in sadness. When the NY stock market crashed, economies all over the globe felt the fall. And today as we inaugurated the first African American president, other nations felt the joy and pride in our hearts.

So the time has come to look outside our borders, thousands of miles away, to a small village in South Africa and feel the pain of an orphaned child who has lost both parents to AIDS. We can no longer afford being indifferent to our sisters who are brutally raped and violently beaten at the hands of loved ones. We cannot remain silent to the collective shadow of desperation that drives a man to rape a child so he can be free of HIV.

If we don’t reach out to others in compassion, to educate and support freedom, liberty and justice for all, we will always be under a threat of a larger terror. The world is small, and the collective does not know boundaries of a nation. But if we look beyond our borders and lend a hand to someone in need, perhaps we can leave an
imprint of inspiration.

So whether it’s the 2000 yr old war in Gaza, the Taliban in Afghanistan or villages in Africa, let’s care about a cause outside our borders. Because the price of ignorance is too high, one that future generations will have to pay.



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