African baby taken from police station in London

We republish this news from the BBC in the hope that somebody might know this and help in the search that is going on in London.

Audrey Kessie Nyanor A hunt is under way for an 18-month-old girl taken from a police station.

Audrey Kessie Nyanor’s mother, 36, was arrested on Thursday in Southwark, south-east London over alleged immigration offences.

A woman turned up at Walworth police station saying she was a friend of Audrey’s mother and was there to collect her.

However it later transpired she was not and a search was started. Audrey’s mother was later released on bail.

Audrey is of Ghanaian descent, and was last seen wearing pink trousers, a pink coat and a pink and white hat.

Police say the woman who took Audrey is also believed to be of Ghanaian heritage, medium build, with short black hair, and last seen wearing a bright red coat and dark knee-length boots.

Several places have been searched and six people have been arrested in connection with the investigation.

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