African medias: goes mobile

A24 Media, the first online delivery site for African content, has taken the next step in its evolution with increased interactivity between the users and organization becoming a reality. The company has made a successful venture into the mobile arena, launched a text-driven news site and is making forays into in-flight entertainment as part of its aggressive strategy for future growth.

“We have worked very hard to find avenues through which we can offer value added services to our growing customer base,” said Salim Amin, Chairman, A24 Media.

To this end A24 Media now offers readers the opportunity to catch up on the region’s latest stories, while accessing rich video content and images from Africa’s most extensive photo archives. Users will also be able to retrieve exclusive African content from top media houses and content providers on the continent, through A24 Media’s extensive network.

A24 Media has quickly developed a global reputation as the number one go-to source for high quality local content on African issues for international and local broadcasters. This positioning will continue to be solidified as the company now seeks to provide relevant content to airlines across the world, in order to augment their existing offerings.

“In addition to our growth strategy, we are also embracing and pushing the concept of citizen journalism to harvest news and other content at all levels of society. We have said from the very beginning that we want to be Africa’s Voice and that voice comes from the grass roots,” emphasised Amin.

A24 Media is Africa’s first online delivery site for material from journalists, African broadcasters and NGO’s from around the Continent. A24 Media’s business model ensures that all contributors receive a wide and previously unknown exposure to their content, thereby generating sustainable and generous revenues from the sale of their stories on a 60:40 basis in favour of the contributor. Most importantly, the contributor will continue to OWN the copyright of the original footage.

Content generators from around Africa send their material to our main office in Nairobi where it is verified and re-edited as necessary to create a slick, marketable and branded story.

 A unique and easily navigable system has been developed to allow broadcasters to view and purchase high-quality video for broadcast on their TV Channels. This enhances their ability to continue sending high-quality content to us and to reach a global audience with their stories… An African Voice telling the African Story.

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