Africa movie industry on the rise

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The first film studios in Africa were built in 1934, but the development of a movie industry began in the 70s.

There are two ways for the growth of this industry: one are private capitals taking economic risks, the other is the State funding the industry.

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Egypt is the only country that has private capitals while other countries, such as Nigeria, Morocco and Senegal, have invested in the production and creation of a network of exhibition halls. In a third group of countries, such as Algeria, Tunisia and Mali, governments have funded educational films or propaganda, but not commercial films.

One of the most important literature and African movie director was Sembene Ousmane, who died recently. All his films are marked by three main themes: Negritude, nationalism and socialism.

Today there are authors and directors such as Souleymane Cissé and Cheick Oumar Cissoko. Their films are half documentary, half fiction.

ousmane sembene.jpgThe African movie industry is showing an interest in teachings and in the education of the public.

Main themes are politics (social classes, neocolonialism), ethics and education (the role of women in rural areas, the effects of drugs).

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