“A new way to exploit Africa” – Angelo Paoluzzi

An interesting feature was published today in Italian daily newspaper ‘Europa’.

Un nuovo modo di sfruttare l’Africa“ (A new way to exploit Africa), is the headline of the feature written by  Angelo Paoluzzi who focus on the different exploitation of the past century and today’s ways of using Africans lands. 

Many western and eastern corporations are buying lands, according to this feature, in order to satisfy the demands of other continents. All this is managed through corrupt governments and damaging poor farmers who would not find any job at all as they have been kicked out from their land and their local market.

In brief they would find themselves exploited with no gain whatsoever.

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One thought on ““A new way to exploit Africa” – Angelo Paoluzzi

  1. Well we gotta say that the key point is to find the balance between the business exploitation and the sustainable development for Africa!
    Government need to be clear at this point, they need to be sure that African people will benefit of this upcoming companies!

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    S.A Team

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