8 March: Women against racism

In a message that we received via email from journalist Daniele Barbieri, it is announced an important venue during the women’s day in Italy.

“This year in Piazza del Popolo (Rome, Italy) – the mail reads – there will be a demonstration organized by the Coordination of Women’s Network Against Racism whose main themes are the immigration and xenophobia. We intend to participate with a stand to promote the campaign NOPPAW – Nobel Peace Prize for African Women – and we have invited to the conference for action Madame Yayi Bayam Diouf“.

Yayi Diouf is president of a collective of women against illegal migration (COFLEC). She is available to attend meetings with associations for some days after the 8 of March.

Interested associations must be aware that all travel expenses, accommodation and food must be paid.

Associations willing to invite her may contact Maria Salluzzo at info@chiamafrica.it before Wednesday 13 February.

The COFLEC is Thiaroye-sur-mer in Senegal, a village whose livelihood is based on fishing and who has experienced a period of prosperity until the 80s. With fisheries agreements with the European Union, unfortunately the people saw decreasing viability through industrial fishing.

Illegal migration to Thiaroye-sur-mer

In September of 2005, a family of fishermen for fishing on the high seas for 15 days. Women remained at home with no news for more than three months they believed they were dead. In December 2005 they were reached by a phone call saying that a strong storm brought them to the Canary Islands.

From that day a psychosis had capture the village, every unemployed young person took the canoe to try to walk the same route in the Atlantic, guiding them in Europe, with a traditional dugout canoe.

Their commitment is made by a sad event happened in May 2006 that killed 81 of their children in the same dugout during one of these crossings. Thus began the work of awareness of these women against illegal migration.

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