22-27 September: Cous Cous Fest in Sicily

Will be held September 22 to 27 in San Vito Lo Capo, in the province of Trapani, the Cous Cous Fest now in its twelfth edition.

Among the artists who will perform there will be Negrita, Giuliano Palma and Bluebeaters, Bandabardò, Moni Ovadia, Vanessa Galipoli.

Following the press release.

Negrita, Giuliano Palma and Bluebeaters, Bandabardò but also the beauty of Vanessa Galipoli, the comedy of Sasa Salvaggio and thickness artistic Moni Ovadia. These are some of the artists who perform under the program of Cous Cous Live Show, the free program of music and performances by the Cous Cous Fest, scheduled in San Vito Lo Capo 22 to 27 September next.

Will go onstage every night a different artist in the name of the contamination of music and sounds, while the narrow streets of the town will be inspired by street bands and street artists.

Tuesday, September 22 this year we start with the negroes, who will dance the square of San Vito Lo Capo at the pace of recent successes, Radio Congo and noise makes the happiness, and timeless hits such as Mama Mae, Magnolia, L ‘ man dreams of flying and rolling southward

Then, starting Wednesday, the tarantolati of Tricarico, the national folk group that blends the heart of the tradition of Tricarico, drums and ancient sounds.

Always offering traditional music, on Thursday will go up on stage Lautaro, who enchanted the audience with popular rhythms and sounds, which is closely related to Sicilian music and cultured people.

Friday night the square of San Vito Lo Capo dance with the rhythms of the sweeping cover-style ska / rocksteady Giuliano Palma and Bluebeaters. From my notes of all the cities in Mexico and clouds to What’s the band’s repertoire contains pieces taken from very different musical fields, all rearranged in a characteristic mood Jamaica: the result is a spellbinding rhythm-flavored summer. The fun is guaranteed.

Saturday is the turn of Bandabardò, one of the most vital band live in Italy: their style combines the traditional Italian opera with folk from the street into a kaleidoscope of music and lyrics, rhythms and lyrics coivolgenti committed.

Sunday closes the Sicilian CORDEPAZZE the music, the band Palermo popular style that looks to the classics of Italian music.

In addition to concerts, the stage of San Vito Lo Capo give space every day to evening talk show that will see, among others, the participation of Moni Ovadia, now considered one of the most prestigious and popular men of Italian culture, Sasa Salvaggio, Donatella Bianchi , presenter of Blue Line and Vanessa Galipoli presenting various moments of entertainment of the fair. All concerts and performances are free.

The complete program of the festival site www.couscousfest.it

The event, which has always characterized the exchange and comparison between different peoples through the cous cous dish rich in symbolism of peace and culture, this year’s cultural highlights his soul and embraces the subtitle “international festival of cultural integration,” international festival of cultural integration, becoming a festival in which players will be different “faces” of European countries and the Mediterranean and beyond, in the sign of the exchange, encounter and friendship.

The festival, over the years become a major international event and an occasion of meeting between representatives of the European and Mediterranean countries, aims to consolidate and strengthen the international relations of partnership by promoting dialogue and cultural exchange, in line with international policies pursued by the EU.

In addition to tastings of cous cous, available at the Village Gourmet, the exhibition program also includes moments of depth in the world dedicated to the cous cous and regional culinary specialties coupled with labels Sicilian cultural meetings and seminars on food.

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