12 milions euros to Mozambique – Italy foreign ministry

Twelve million for 2010-2012 period. This is the contribution to the budget of Mozambique, the only country to which Italy gives this type of aid since 2004.

The agreement was signed on 22 March by Ambassador of Italy in Maputo, Carlo Lo Cascio, and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mozambique Oldemiro Baloo.

Italy, member of the nineteen bilateral and multilateral donors (G19), uses this innovative means of helping to promote greater coordination among donors and the government and the processes of planning and controlling public spending, strengthening dialogue between the parties and encouraging the involvement of all stakeholders in the formulation of development policies.

This aid follows the guidelines of the Italian Cooperation 2009/2011 and provides greater coherence and consistency with the strategies to fight poverty than past approaches.

With the new agreement is signed completed a package of agreements with which Italy has pledged to provide over 60 million in donations in the period 2010-2012 to assist Mozambique.

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