Why Italy has deported 16 refugees in Algeria?

Why Italy has deported 16 refugees in Algeria?
Why could not they seek asylum?

Rome, February 3, 2011. The human rights situation in Algeria is worrying. At the moment, the North African nation is undergoing a severe humanitarian crisis.

Amnesty International and the U.S. Department of State have noted the persistence of an important number of human rights problems in Algeria, including disappearances, alleged incidences of abuse and torture of detainees, impunity, arbitrary arrest and prolonged pretrial detention, denial of due process, restrictions on civil liberties and freedom of religion, corruption, and discrimination against women and minorities.

Today, February 3, 2011, the Italian authorities have deported 16 Algerian refugees landed in recent days in Sardinia.

The Algerians were identified by the Central Directorate of Immigration and Border Police, in cooperation with the Embassy of Algeria in Italy.

EveryOne has asked the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to deliver a formal protest against the Italian Government about the fact that no one has allowed the refugees to seek political asylum or humanitarian protection in Italy.

Source: Gruppo EveryOne

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