In relation to Samb Modou and Diop Mor, the two Senegalese who were shot dead in Florence early this week, (13th December 2011), fellow Senegalese in Verona took to the city center this evening, calling for justice and respect for their human dignity.“We don’t want more deaths”, one of the speakers resounded in the middle of his speech.

Judged by many to be an act of racism or a possible consequence of instrumentalism by some local politicians, a lot of social groups have been voicing out against the incident for sometimes now.  And Verona, being a home to the country’s extreme right-wing political party, Lega Nord, the voices of anti-racism and discrimination against migrants were loud in Verona city center this evening.


All this in one side of the large public square (Arena); at the other side of the square was a simultaneous event: a group of men in military uniform were matching ahead in a sort of military parade; unrelated perhaps, but certainly the reality in Arena, this evening.

Whether the 50-years old man (Gianluca Casseri) who snuffed life out of the two Senegalese young men was actually out of his mind as some people are suggesting or he simply did what he consciously wanted to do, the Senegalese/Africans in Verona are saying it is enough.

With or without success in their European journey, they want to be able to return home one day and tell their own stories.


Ewanfoh Obehi Peter




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