Tunisia: British Gas plans big investment in 2011

British Gas (BG), one of the biggest foreign investors in Tunisia, plans 300- million-dollar investments (1 dollar=1.38 dinar) in 2011 to develop its production sites in the country, announced, on Thursday, Mr. Sami Iskander, Executive Vice-President and Managing Director of BG, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

He added after his meeting with Interim Prime Minister Béji Caid Essebsi that these investments aim to keep production in the fields of Miskar and Hasdrubal (drilling of new wells, maintenance of platforms) in the region of Sfax.

Mr. Iskander said in a statement to TAP News Agency that his talk with the Prime Minister had focused on ways to attract more investments in Tunisia and improve the relations of BG with the community living near its production sites.

The situation, he said, “has improved” in these sites where the company has been facing for several weeks a social crisis that hit the operation of its activities.

BG Tunisia, which provides nearly 50% of the national consumption in natural gas, recently signed an agreement with representatives of the community living near the above-mentioned sites.

Under this agreement it pledged to create 120 jobs for their benefit, in addition to establishing a fund of 2 million dollars in 2011 to finance social investment and micro-credit projects. Investments of BG Tunisia, a subsidiary of BG Group, have reached 3.5 billion dinars so far.


Source: africanmanager.com

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