The Next Nehemiah, a young Immigrants Book, Italy

By Samuel Kennedy Agyei Takyi

Adebowale Afolabi Adekunbi, a third year student in pharmacy at the University of Rome, Tor Vergata, Italy has published a book on ethics called The NEXT NEHEMIAH.

Adebowale, now 21, was born in Lagos, Nigeria to the family of Pastor Abayomi Adekunbi in June 1990. Before joining his parents who later migrated to Italy, Adebowale attended Air force High school after his elementary and middle school education. In Italy he attended Emmaus Christian, Maenza-Latina where he did his General Certificate of Education and graduated in 2008.

His success at Emmaus Christian School made him to gain admission to study pharmacy with the University of Rome.

Next Nehemiah is a religious book. It is a book born to help repair the broken walls of our society—book on modern social issues. The style of writing is unique and factual; yet, with poetic tone to rub in facts occasionally whilst maintaining a sense of humour to reward the reader with appetite. In fact the book is wonderful.

When I asked the young writer, what were some his challenges during the writing, here is what he said:

“Since it is a non-fiction book, a major challenge was getting the right Bible passages, making citations, accurate quotations, and extracting relevant pieces from published papers. But for the large part, the inspiration while writing was so blissful and strengthening, it made the challenges dim. It made it easier than it could have been.

Other challenges were in tailoring the prose appropriately, by making it less cryptic, choosing the words, and painting the word picture precisely, and giving the right impression. The editors, Victor Umeh and Toba Sanni, did a great work. We worked together through the book and they gave great help. My family’s was very supportive from its inception, and I was very encouraged by them.”

Adebowale’s message for young immigrants is also this: “God first; secondly, you need your family, and your family needs you. Every street is paved with gold, opportunities abound, waiting for you to sight them, and seize them. Make a contribution.

Eagles don’t flock, choose your pals wisely.

Have a vision, believe in your dream, and act on it.”

Adebowale said, his future aspiration is to write more strong, unique and dominant brand of ethical literature of various genres in diverse fields; ethical literature of premium quality whilst continuing his pharmaceutical career.
This young African has thrown the challenge. Africans in Italy, where are you? It is time to believe in your potential and use it. We can succeed everywhere.


Brief Synopsis of the Book

“Next Nehemiah!” is a non-fiction book on modern society. It identifies core elements essential for present and future progress in African and European communities which need to be strengthened or built.

Always, a personal perspective is given to inform the individual of his or her role in this process. Subsequently, a more colourful picture involving the larger society is painted to make a strong and pleasant impression of a desirable society. Its eight themes are: love, spiritual foundations, the structure of a winning mind, quality education, grand leadership, bountiful health, culture and the homecoming of Africans in Diaspora.

Very sensitive issues of interest and value are addressed in an objective but decisive manner in the book.

Nehemiah, who lived in 445 B.C., returned to Jerusalem from Babylon to build, is used as a model through the book. His pioneering work is used to highlight qualities essential for a glorious, noble and remarkable work to be done. The book is described in one sentence as one aimed at “Rebuilding the broken walls of society” by discussing modern social issues distinctly and enjoyably.

It is a book divinely inspired, written with a determination to express matters of importance pleasantly and bring the readers, like I brought myself, to terms with the reality of the challenges of modern society, even if it hurts. This makes the reader experience the pleasure of reading through the phases of painful truths.

It is designed to address real problems of today’s society, and proffers real solutions. I am convinced of positive results in communities where it will be read.


Source: mail to our newsroom

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