Terrakota wins Afros Pepites show

WINNERS of the SHOW Music from Western Africa
The 2nd edition of the AFRO PEPITES SHOW:

Winner of the category AFROS PEPITES

TERRAKOTA – Angola, Portugal, Spain, France, Italia – Afro, Reggae, Mixed Music


TERRAKOTA appeared with the new born cultural diversity under the influence of the immigration of former Portuguese colonies Angola, Capo-Verde, Brazil, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique…


If one says Lisbon, one thinks fado.

Well, think again because here comes Terrakota, the leaders of the worldfusion scène that is developing in Lisbon. Terrakota and tens of young bands form the up-and-coming ‘musica mestiça’ scène are coming along with the rising cultural diversity influenced by immigrant populations, and musicians, from the ancient Portuguese colonies Angola, Cape Verde, Brazil, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique.

Lisbon is changing. The ‘cidade do fado’ is being more and more open and multicultural, and no one better represents that cultural diversity than Terrakota.

Terrakota was born in 1999 after a three month journey in West Africa that brought Junior, Alex and Humberto to a small neighbourhood of griot musicians and dancers in the town of Bobodioulasso, Burkina Faso.

Everything was there: the vibrant colour of terracotta, the houses, the roads, the earth… Back in Lisbon, they recorded a demo and added three musicians: Davide, a drummer, Francesco, an Italian bass player, and Romi, an Angolan singer and dancer with tremendous potential.

In June 2010, Terrakota celebrated its 10th birthday with the avant-première of the documentary ‘On top of the world – Roadmovie of Terrakota in the Himalayas’ about the band’s adventures in India and with a big, three-hour long concert in Lisbon with a battery of guests.

That same month, the bands first single of it’s upcoming fourth album came out, ‘World Massala’, a first product of the band’s trip to India. The single is a groundbreaking musical fusion that might never have been done before: Punjabi afro-reggae.

The single announced the arrival of the fourth studio album, “WORLD MASSALA” (2010), recorded and produced and released in October 2010 by Ojo Música/Galileo Music Communication.

On this new work, Terrakota keeps on mashing up frontiers to bring together music and people from around the world, expanding their musical horizons to Rajasthan, Angola, classical India, urban Cuba, and beyond.

Terrakota’s Afro/world mestizo explosion now also has a proper term: world massala! World standing for world music and massala for the fusion, as massala is a mixture of species used a lot in Indian cuisine. The recipe?

Bringing new innovative musical fusions without any fear of experiment, just jamming until you find a formula where ancient musical traditions embrace the 21st century.

It’s no secret that Terrakota is a live band with one of the most energetic shows of the world music scene. Now, with this fourth recording, Terrakota has reached its tremendous potential in the studio too.

The band has found a new maturity, making a more balanced studio album that doesn’t only show Terrakota’s explosiveness but also some calmer, acoustic songs. An exceptional album that should bring the band to new horizons, taking their music to even wider audiences and spreading their message of changing the world into a more positive, equal and balanced planet, where an optimistic and vibrant humanity can exist in harmony, TOGETHER.

Video: www.myspace.com/terrakota/videos

2nd of the category AFROS PEPITES

AKEIKOI – Ivory Coast, France – Afro-Rock


You will be pleasantly surprise by AKEIKOI, this unique and fusion sauce between rock and traditional African sonorities…

Contact Booking: BOOKING – MA CASE – e-mail: diffusion@ma-case.com – tel (mob) : +33 (0)6 63 08 18 90

Far from the clichés of superimposing, the universe of Akeikoi appears like the first afro-rock fusion, totally balanced and accomplished, where each of its expressions keeps its integrity, delicacy, strength and craziness.

Between the tanned groove of Afrobeat, accents of Sahel blues or real rock incursions, the ancestors come back to life to talk with the screaming guitars, the djembés bang and make the spirits get out from the Holy Forest.

The album and the show are a continuous clash between timeless traditional sonorities and solid rock combo, inspired and effective.

« The « rock » village recognized its peers in this amazing osmosis where the essence of the African trance meets with the energy of metal. Akeikoi! First totally accomplished afro-rock fusion.

It has been already ten years that the tribe from Angers, the Livenais, funk rockers funders of Caline Georgette, and of « nyamakala » (griots) performers of the ensemble Yelemba d’Abidjan are looking for uniting their sounds far from the clichés of superimposing. » François Bensignor – MONDOMIX

The press talks about them:
Sometimes afro-funk, often polyrhythmic, crossed by husky and incantatory songs, this flashing album creates thrilling emotions. – VIBRATIONS

Together they create a coherent music universe where nonchalance of grooves of the ethnic group Sénoufo meets with the energy of rock and sometimes even with the pulse of funk! MONDOMIX

Is it possible to mix rock to music aesthetics of Western Africa without distorting one or the other? (…) When listening to it, the experience is surprising – AMINA

After Binkafô (2002) here is Sénoufo, bright, full of energy, jubilantly (…) Their ten titles illustrate a mastered and successful afro-rock fusion. – LONGUEUR D’ONDES

« Senoufo » is therefore a good disk for its era, mixed without falling into exoticism for white guy, picking from the best of different cultures, and should satisfy anyone who has the ears open to the world – CHABADA

An Afrobeat with groove and rock tendencies really accomplished, with soul as an extra. The lovers of this incantatory, vibrating, tanned music will enjoy. – TOHU BOHU




3rd of the category AFROS PEPITES

ASKANE – Senegal, France – Electro-acoustic


ASKANE a sweetness defined by Harmony, Tradition and Mix…


Everything started in the last century when few bossa nova notes rose up in the night of Dakar, provoking the unlikely meeting between three musicians coming from diverse horizons.

Together they were sharing the same love for Harmony, Tradition and Mix. During the following years they went through the Senegalese music scenes: fashionable dancing places in Dakar, villages parties, campaign for prevention from Aids, choirs.

Many experiences, memories…

Then came the time of break-up. Each one followed his own path and discovered new music horizons: arrangers, composers for famous names of Senegalese music, music and pictures…

After many turns and roundabouts, the three friends met in France. It became obvious for them to play again with their instruments and together gave birth to the music they had been dreaming ever since…

Askane (People in Wolof) was born…

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