Zimbabwe is a police state

Everyone in Zimbabwe is afraid of the police, and the fear is well founded, especially in light of the regular arbitrary arrests of innocent people. In Zimbabwean a person is guilty until the police feel that he is innocent, that is fact.

Police and migrants’, the fever in Verona

It’s still unclear what actually provoked some policemen in Verona who loaded themselves in three cars and invaded an immigrant bar in Borgo Roma, few kilometers from the Verona city center. Popularly known as Mr G, the Nigerian man who runs the bar recounts a bit of the action.


National Police Commissioner Bheki Cele on Friday praised the work of KwaZulu-Natal police for shooting dead three armed robbers. “The fatal shooting of the men is a vivid signal that the days of criminals carrying out their evil deeds with impunity are over,” said Cele. Early on Friday the police received information that four men […]