Arab spring: Libya briefing in London 4 april

The current political crisis in Libya has gone through several stages – from rebel advance (in tune with the wider ‘Arab Spring’), regime counterattack, and international intervention. Presentation in London by George Joffe, 4 April 2011.

Libya: Teenage Rebels in Tubruq-video

Daniel Iriate introduces us to two Libyan teenagers in Tubruq. Muhammad Faiz and Assad Abd Rebbu joined the rebels and describe life under Gaddafi and their hopes for the future. We also meet Muhammad Hadduth, a prisoner under Gaddafi’s regime.

Libyan journalist killed; Al-Jazeera crew arrested

A Libyan journalist who ran a webcast program showing the aftermath of government attacks and commentary on the uprising against Moammar Gadhafi was killed in Saturday’s government assault on the rebel capital in the country’s east. The report by Nigerian website

Libya: report from Misratah

Report from a correspondent in Misratah. Loyal forces to Gaddafi have attacked today the city from East, West and South, reporter Mawan Al Misrati from Misratah said.