Djibouti inflation rises to 5.2 pct year/year in May

DJIBOUTI (Reuters) – Consumer prices in Djibouti rose 5.2 percent in May from the same month last year, up from an annual inflation rate of 4.9 percent in April, driven by higher food and fuel prices, official data showed on Saturday.


Full Name Republic of Djibouti Capital Djibouti Form of Government Semi-Presidential Republic Date of Independence 27 June, 1977 Date of Entry into the UN Total Area 23,200 km2 (149th)8,958 sq mi Total Population (2007 estimate) 496,374 (160th) Time Zone EAT (UTC+3) Currency Franc GDP (nominal, 2007 estimate) $850 million GDP Per Capita $1,110 Human Development […]