South Africa-China: presidents agree on partnership

Chinese President Hu Jintao met in Brasilia Thursday with South African President Jacob Zuma, with both leaders agreeing to promote the strategic partnership between their two countries.

President Hu stressed that the Chinese side attached importance to the development of its relations with South Africa and was willing to work together with South Africa to inject new impetus into the development of the strategic partnership between the two sides in the following aspects:

  • To intensify bilateral high-level contacts, enhance political mutual trust and strengthen exchanges on statecraft.
  • To boost smooth and healthy development of bilateral trade, expand existing good cooperation in the sectors of mining and finance, and explore new fields of cooperation such as infrastructure construction, clean energy, space technology and nuclear power.
  • To enhance bilateral exchanges in the sectors of education, culture, journalism and tourism.
  • To promote consultation and coordination in international organizations such as the United Nations, and within the multilateral framework including the Group of 20, the climate change process and the Doha round world trade talks,
  • to deal with global challenges together. 

China is ready to work with South Africa to upgrade the bilateral strategic partnership to a new and higher level, said Hu.

Pres Zuma agreed to Hu”s proposals on developing the bilateral ties, saying the strategic partnership between the two sides is not only beneficial to the two countries but also conducive to promoting the South-South cooperation.

Pres Zuma spoke highly of the important role China played at last year”s Copenhagen climate change conference, which produced positive results thanks to joint efforts by China, South Africa and some other countries.


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