“Sino-Africa partnership is strategic” – Zhang Bin


“In the new century, Sino-African relation is the new type strategic partnership, aiming at down-to-earth and pragmatic cooperation”, professor Zhang Bin of China institute of international studies said during his speech at the Forum on Africa’s development ended in Taormina last Friday the 3rd of October.

“China is the largest developing country in the world”, the professor of the China institute of international studies said. He stressed in this way how much China still have to do to be called a world superpower.

Zhang also talked about the role of China in Darfur and about some projects in which Chinese companies are involved in Africa. “Opportunities are rising”, he said adding that “there are no big conflicts between China and Africa”.

“China’s interests – Zhang Bin concluded – in Africa are broadening even with some contradictory interest. China-Africa relations are among developing countries”.

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