Senegal: "Sembène was an icon of all Africa", artist Ndoye Douts

douts-chamaleon I think that Ousmane Sembène has been an iconic figure for the entire Africa, not just for Senegal”, said artist and painter Ndoye Douts from Senegal remembering his fellow countryman.

“He had a vision – Douts added – and a perception of African reality that almost nobody else has got. He had a very deep understanding of Africa”.

Apart from his paintings, Douts realised a short video documentary 26 minutes long. You can have a look of a short part of it on his website. douts-7

Moreover, it is very impressive his “Toile CAMELEON” (chameleon canvas). It’s a piece of art that change itself adapting to the colours of its surrounding environment. Just like the animal. “It is a canvas that represents all faces of architectural disorders”, it is written on his website.

Douts is not a starter in his career. In fact last year he participated in a exhibition in Spain with a little piece of 30 centimetres made of ten different colours.

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