Raiding Africa-Rotterdam next 2nd February


Rotterdam International Film Festival
Raiding Africa Day – Rotterdam, 2nd February, 2011

African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival
Milan, 21st-27th March, 2011

After the success in 2010 of “Forget Africa”, the prestigious Rotterdam International Film Festival (40th edition, 26th January – 6th February 2011) is presenting a new project this year, Raiding Africa, in collaboration with the Festival of African, Asian and Latina American Cinema of Milan, Durban Film Festival, the Göteborg Film Fund and the Hubert Bals Fund.

Inspired by the growing influence of China in African countries, Rotterdam International Film Festival has asked seven young talents of African cinema to go and discover China and each make a film in collaboration with the Li Xianting Film School of Beijing.

Watching an African filmmaker shooting a movie in China.
Watching an African filmmaker shooting a movie in China.

Raiding Africa has the aim of continuing to stimulate the exchange between cultures, support the professional careers of African directors including in “Forget Africa” in 2010 and to create for them the chance to work in an international context with independent Asian production companies.

The films will have their world premiere in Rotterdam on February the 2nd, 2011, during the Raiding Africa Day: the 7 African directors will take part in the day with their Asian tutors and there will be round tables on the issues raised by the project.

The African Film Festival of Milan will present the Italian premiere of the films at its 21st edition, from 21st to 27th March: on the site the blogs of the project organizer with the development of the project since summer 2010 are already on the site.

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