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Political Tours is a revolutionary concept for travellers passionate about politics and current affairs, offering group tours and tailor-made itineraries in destinations around the globe. The next tour is Mandela’s Dream – South Africa, 19-27 Jan.

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Almost two decades on from the end of Apartheid, South Africa is an amazing success story. It remains a multi-racial democracy and a regional power.

But after 18 years in office, the party that fought so hard for change is struggling to meet the needs of its own supporters. Ordinary South Africans lack basic services, unemployment is high, and leading ANC members stand accused of corruption.

First-rate speakers and guests brief us on the latest issues affecting the country, and ordinary South Africans of all backgrounds give their perspective, as we ask if the country can keep Mandela’s dream of a united, prosperous and democratic South Africa alive.

The tour is led by one of South Africa’s best known journalists, Peter Sullivan, and it will offer access to some of the country’s most senior politicians, businessmen and community leaders. The trip will also be getting people’s boots dirty by examining key grass-roots issues.

The cost is £3,200.00 and includes stays in some leading hotels and meals in some great restaurants.

For more information, visit: http://www.politicaltours.com/tours/south-africa-in-mandelas-wake


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