Nhka Africa not yet ready for WARC

JOHANNESBURG – The Dutch Reformed Church of Africa (Nhka) is not yet ready to be readmitted into the World Alliance of Reformed Chruches (WARC).

This is the conclusion reached last May 23 by the Executive Board after having heard the report of a committee.

The Nhka had been expelled in 1982 by the communion of Reformed churches for its support to the apartheid regime in South Africa, to which it gave theological justification.

Readmission demand in 2005 had been conditioned to a complete renunciation of the theology of apartheid, which the Church of South Africa is clearly not been able to express.

“In our visit to South Africa last March we checked on this issue as the church is still divided. But there are voices within the Nhka that require a clear take-away with the past: five theologians have publicly expressed “shame and sorrow” for the failure of their church to formally declare apartheid “a doctrine contrary to the bible and “diabolical” – Setri Nyomi, secretary general of WARC, said.

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