Molfetta (Italy) celebrates Italian East Africa campaign

Molfetta, southern Italy, is the place today that host an exhibition about Molfettesi (inhabitants of Molfetta) in East Africa, in Italian “Molfettesi in Africa Orientale”. The event is managed by the Italian Associazione Eredi della Storia and by ANMIG Foundation.

Although some claimed this exhibition is a political act for communicating pride into the fascist past of Italy, organisers says that it is a tool for letting Italians know where they come from.

The exhibition, which will be presented today in Molfetta at 6.30 pm,  has been made with the partnership of  Società di Cultura Europea “Caracciolo” di Molfetta.

“A very large number of visitors will have a chance to learn many interesting little details of the Italian “Campagna d’Africa”, says the news published on

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